Why to choose Android Phones

Picking up the best Android phones from among the options in the market is indeed a tough task. However, if you do put your thought process, it will never be difficult to come up with the best option.

Below are listed some tips which if kept in mind will help you pick up the best 4G Android phones for yourself and your loved ones.

Android gives a range of choices

If the hottest apps and timely software updates are something which concerns you, the 4G Android phones suit you perfectly. The best android phones in the market are known to offer the apps in trend and software up gradation is also done promptly. This is important for the better functioning of the smartphone, and thus android phones score above the rest and must be preferred.

Range of Price Options

Price is a big concern when you are thinking of purchasing 4G android phones. It is not necessary that best android phones should cost a fortune. These android phones start from $50, and the price can go up to $1000. Keep a priority list of your requirements handy whenever you decide to buy an Android smartphone. This will help you shortlist the appropriate option suitably.

Offers a range of screen sizes

4G android phones are available in a range of screen sizes and thus make an intelligent choice. The screen size varies from 3 to 5.5 inches and the users can comfortably carry out different tasks at hand since these best android phones are known to be compatible with emerging technologies.

Color, quality, and brightness factors are appropriate

If you are looking for some of the best android phones in the market, Android phones are the best option since AMOLED panel is used in Android which makes it bright, colorful and increases the brightness aspect. These are also known to have a high dynamic range which makes them display better colors in comparison to other options available in the market.

Camera Aperture has been taken care of

Cameras are also relevant when it comes to an Android smartphone. The smartphone makers have seemed to realize this aspect and have worked on making these comprehensive and better. It is always advised to focus on the aperture of the camera and also features as dual lenses. Lower is the aperture; better is it for the quality of the camera. Ample care has been taken on this aspect of most of the Android smartphones and thus it has turned these into good quality cameras too.

Range of storage options

These days’ smartphones are used not only to make phone calls but also for storing pictures and videos. This makes them a viable entity as they are a medium for connecting with friends and family. Most of the Android smartphone offers great storage options, and the internal storage capacity of these smartphones can go up to 64 GB.

A micro SD card can also be used to increase the storage capacity of these smartphones, and you can easily enhance the capacity to 264 GB with the help of micro SD cards.

Better Operating System

Android has been recognized as a better operating system in comparison to iOS and is an open operating system which makes it easier to be customized as it can have a range of widgets and launchers which make it more comprehensive than other operating systems available in the mobile market.

Head out to the nearest store and pick the best android phone on the market. The choices are multifold, and you will always cherish the experience.