4 of the most popular states for retirement living

Carefully choosing a location that can give you exactly the kind of relaxing environment you require post-retirement becomes an important factor. But before making any choice, you must keep in mind the factors such as overall cost of living, public health, culture, weather, and safety to make an informed decision. So, to guide your search, here are some of the best states for retirement that you can consider in the country.

Florida has long been one of the favorite places for those who like a warm climate. But this state also gets majorly affected by hurricanes and tornadoes, which can be a cause for concern. Sans the weather, the place scores well in terms of its welcoming culture. If you plan on making retirement-age friends, then you definitely have a good chance as around one-fourth of Florida’s population is 65 or older.

You can undoubtedly add Tennessee to your long list of the best states for retirement. As far as affordability is concerned, no place can serve you better than Tennessee. An excellent combination of below-average living costs and less burden from local and state taxes actually makes Tennessee a widely preferred location for retirement. Another factor that brings retirees here is its amazing climate. You can experience mild winters while properly enjoying all four seasons.

Along with Tennessee, Missouri can also be a great choice if affordability is your top priority. Besides being a taxpayer-friendly place, this state with its two national ranking hospitals assures that the retirees receive best-in-class medical facilities. In addition, it provides an incredible blend of city living and rural scenery, which you will truly love. In fact, the locals are proud of the natural landscapes and numerous parks that the state provides.

When you’re listing the best states for retirement, do not forget to add Nebraska. The overall cost of living in this state is extremely low, especially when it comes to housing costs. And this makes Nebraska one of the most affordable options for your retirement days. The general health care is good and the crime rate is quite low. Additionally, there is plenty of entertainment around Omaha, which has a world-class zoo. However, you must know that the winters can be brutal in this state.

Mentioned above are some of the best states for retirement that you can consider in the country while choosing the most suitable option. Before permanently moving to a place for your days of retirement, you must spend some time there to see whether it can meet all your needs.