Top 3 Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

Top cell phone companies offer seniors discount in the form of special plans designed for them. These plans have been designed so that the senior population pays only for what they use and to also ensure that they have a number of options in the plans. Following are three plans that have been designed by top carriers for senior citizens with great discounts on call rates and other facilities.

T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+
T-Mobile ONE Unlimited 55+ offers unlimited talk-time, LTE data, and text for just $70 for two phone connections. This plan is a simple $70 plan that does not have any additional taxes, so the bill amount is the same number every month. Additionally, senior citizens enjoying this plan can turn their mobiles into hotspots without any extra charge. They can also enjoy free in-flight texting and data for 60 minutes on any of the Gogo-enabled flights. This plan provides close to 50 percent discount to the seniors as compared to their usual rates.

GreatCall is often known as the cell phone for emergencies. The rates this brand are different for every plan. It offers 200 minutes of calling at $14.99, 300 text messages for $3, and 40 MB of data in $2.49. These rates are some of the lowest in the market right now and are ideal for senior citizens who are looking for plans that do not charge them exorbitantly for whatever services they use. GreatCall also fits all its phones with an Urgent Response button, which provides access to a nurse or a doctor, and this feature is included in the plan. Therefore, instead of offering a special discount for seniors, GreatCall is a top cell phone company offering senior-specific plans.

MetroPCS one of the top cell phone companies offering discounts on senior cell phone plans. This company offers a $30 no-frills prepaid plan, which offers unlimited talk time, 2 GB LTE data, and text. In this plan, the company includes the taxes as well, so seniors do not have to pay a single penny above $30. Additionally, MetroPCS offers extra options like mobile hotspot, Wi-Fi calling, Scam ID, data maximize for streaming video etc at no additional cost. MetroPCS is a prepaid carrier, so it needs its customers to pay upfront for a device upfront. It also offers BYO (bring-your-own device) to seniors, in case they want to skip paying for a new phone.