Top 12 types of needlework

In the good old days, you might have heard or seen images of knitwear and wondered how painstakingly the artisan has put it. You might even have seen your grandmother making one and marveled about the needlework. But did you know that there are 12 major types of it? Let us take a sneak peek into their types.

1. Applique: It is an ancient type of needlework, where the decorative pieces of one layer of fabric are applied to another base, or another textile or layer.

2. Bead embroidery: As the name suggests, it is simply the submission of beads to a fabric and weaving a pattern in them. The possibilities are endless with this.

3. Crocheting: This type of needlework is made by inter-looping yarn or thread with a hooked needle. It has been practiced for centuries and is one of the common types during medieval ages.

4. Cross stitch: This is a common type of needlework used in a regular pattern of stitching. It can be used on a wide variety of fabrics.

5. Hand embroidery: This is the type where a yarn is used to decorate a piece of fabric. This can be done with beads, jewelry, and even gold.

6. Knitting: This is a household needlework method. Usually done with 2 knitting needles, loops are created in the yarn and the loops are interchanged using the needles. This is a great stress buster.

7. Needle felting: This type of needlework is usually done using wool yarn. More professional artisans prefer this method over conventional means.

8. Needle lace making: Laces are an integral part of needlework. They throw the attention towards them in any fabric. They can be made with just a thread, pair of scissors, and a needle.

9. Needlepoint: This is a type of artwork where you will need to count the number of threads across your canvas. The stitches have to be laid over the surface area and depend on the size of your pattern. Many factors are taken into consideration while making a needlepoint.

10. Punch needle embroidery and rug making: This is a separate art in itself and a hollow needle is used to determine the type of thread to use. Usually, these types of work require a frame and have to be tight to the core.

11. Quilting: Most of us might have heard of quilting, but may not have realized that it is a type of needlework. In this type of needlework, a thread is used to join at least three layers of fabric and forms a padded quilt material. The fabric can be of multiple types.

12. Tatting: This is an art of lace making and a crochet hook is used for making the laces. Patterns are created through this and are looped into the spaces where the decorative richness can be exhibited.