Three new Samsung Galaxy models brought forward

If you are looking for high-performance smartphones in the market, then you can opt for Samsung’s Galaxy models. Below are given few names that you can bet for.

  • Samsung Galaxy A7
    This is the 2017 version of the Samsung Galaxy A7. It costs about $390, though you can find cheaper deals online. The first and foremost plus point is that the screen is amazing, sharp, and crisp. It has a 5.7-inch 1080p screen. The Samsung Galaxy A7 has a 3600 mAH battery, which means that you are going to have a full day of use. In case you run out of charge, it has some extremely low power modes that give your phone some boosts of over three or four hours. The phone also charges fast. It is a well-performing phone for this price and has an octa-core CPU with 3 GB of RAM. It has a big metal body and a beautiful glass in front.The phone also comes with a USB type c port along with a micro USB to USB C adapter. It also comes with a headphone jack. The camera is pretty decent with a 16-megapixel shooter and comes with manual controls in the camera app.
  • Samsung Galaxy Express Prime
    This is a new phone from AT&T on their Go phone plan, and it comes with the Android 7.0 Nougat with 16 GB internal memory and a microSD expansion that can be expanded to 128 GB. It has a 5-inch AMOLED display with vivid and bright colors. The Samsung Galaxy Express Prime has a 5-megapixel back camera. The 2600 mAH can be used for a whole day with one charge. There is also a USB plug with their micro USB cable with this phone. In the front of the phone, there are capacitive touchscreen buttons; there are also physical buttons on the bottom. You can avail this phone at about $154.
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime
    When the J7 prime came out it, made a name for its aluminum body. The back isn’t as slick as the premium smartphone, but it’s still more than respectable for its price. Samsung is selling the 32 GB variant for about $392. It has a TFT display not as good as SUPER AMOLED display. Software updates are Android 6.0.1 along with modified UI. This phone is available in gold and black colors. There is an 8-megapixel front-facing camera, and the screen size is 5.5 inches with a full HD display. It comes with a 2.5D Gorilla glass with a 13-megapixel camera in the back with LED flash. The smartphone is powered by an octa-core processor and comes with a 3300 mAh battery with power-planning modes.