Things you need to know about Microsoft

Microsoft Office is a bundle that has software’s for every other activity be it server or client software, coding, tablature, documenting, presentations etc. Brought by Bill Gates the Microsoft office was initially termed Office Suite during 1988 with only a few sets of applications which were Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Then word had a lot of modifications coming in like spell checker, data integration VBA (Visual Basic Applications), coding etc. They have been assigned as a line of business software under the development platform. They have more than a billion subscribers using Microsoft Office legally. Microsoft Office targets different customers be it office, college, school going, educational sector etc. Microsoft Office 2010 is a part of the productivity suite of Microsoft Office that was released during 2010 April mid and was made available even online. Introduced after Office 2007 with the research that started during 2006. Microsoft office 2010 has customer user interface support systems that deal with multi-management into a single task. The software were Access, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word. These are fully customizable. They have other enhanced features like file format support, multiple logins, parallel sharing, and editing etc.

Microsoft 2010 also has OneNote, PowerPoint, and Word with macro and protected view settings. Microsoft Office 2010 was released for Windows Phones first and then moved into Androids. It was a freeware. They had initially two variants which were IA-32 and IAx64 where the latter was not compatible with Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP. Microsoft Office 2013 does not support any of these operating systems. They had an enhanced Backstage view with the incorporation of all these enhancements into the app for both Windows and Android. They had better revenue than the predecessors and successors. In 2011 almost 200 million licenses were registered for Microsoft Office 2010. The extended support for Microsoft 2010 ends in 2020. Microsoft Office 2010 had two kinds of licensing packs. They were names service pack one and service pack two where SP 1 and SP2 were simultaneously released with additional updates on products such as Office Online, Sharepoint and Sharepoint Designer all being highly helpful for customers. The SP1 and SP2 had versions with features like compatibility, performance, security and stability improvements. Another major release was online Office on chrome and IE 9 versions which was introduced as an enhancement for the first time.