The finest eco-friendly small SUVs

Are you looking for a bigger vehicle that you could enjoy without polluting the environment? Small SUVs that are either Hybrid or Electric are increasing in popularity. Although there are only a handful of entries in the category of small SUVs, these few vehicles leave behind a much lesser impact on planet Earth than the rest of the SUVs that run on non- renewable sources of fuel.

There are hybrids, plug-ins, and pure-electric cars. These use much less energy to produce the same results as small SUVs that run on gas. But vehicles using gasoline have their own advantages. Hybrid vehicles utilize two engine technologies alongside each other – a standard gasoline powered engine and an electric motor that is charged by a rechargeable set of batteries, to integrate the technologies and utilize the benefits of both in one shot. Small SUV hybrid models are more expensive, but compensate the difference in fuel savings over time.

Porsche Cayenne Hybrid receives an overwhelming approval by ultra rich drivers in spite of its costly pricing because of the many benefits it has – acceleration, handling, and upgraded interiors. This small SUV model of Porsche offers a number of entertainment, luxury, and safety packages. The Lexus RX Hybrid is fitted with a V6 engine in addition to three electric motors. This small, smooth running and ultra comfortable SUV has an All Wheel Drive (AWD) option too.

A long driving range, cutting edge technology including a self driving option, steep acceleration, and an interactive large touch screen are the highlights of the Tesla Model X. The 2017 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid starts at $29,030. An inexpensive buy, this one is loaded with features and delivers very good fuel economy. Standard All Wheel Drive (AWD) and numerous safety features that are unavailable in most other same sized small SUVs are a bonus in this vehicle.

The expense incurred in purchasing a small SUV might not be a point for reflection for many people. But the extent of emissions that a vehicle discharges must be a matter of serious concern. Drive safe. Drive clean.