Sinfully sweet, tasty dessert recipes featuring the best bourbon

Everybody loves sweets. Even if you just happen to enjoy a few occasional treats, these desserts made with a twist will certainly tempt your taste buds, not to mention your sweet tooth. Bourbon is a barrel-aged distilled spirit, commonly known as a whiskey. It has a distinct taste depending on the aging, distillation process and the type of flavor category it belongs to mainly.

Bourbon whiskey is generally based on one of the four categories for distillation namely grain forward bourbon, nutmeg forward bourbon, bourbon aged in a caramelized barrel and bourbon made with rye. Also, the time is taken to age each barrel of whiskey will depend on the method and ingredients used to achieve its signature and distinct taste.

It is this distinct taste which gives your everyday dessert recipes a flavor kick. Here are some of the fine examples of best bourbon used in dessert recipes:

Bourbon banana cupcakes: Cupcakes are easy to make, taste delicious and are the cutest way to represent different flavors. Be it your rich chocolate cupcake or humble banana cupcake; these little delights will melt your heart away. Adding a couple of swigs of the best bourbon in the creamy, buttery batter will up the ante and enhance the flavor. Like banana and chocolate? Why not combine both the ingredients to make delicious banana chocolate cream cupcakes with a bourbon twist.

Bourbon bundt cake: This cake gets it name from the bundt pan which is used to bake and give the batter that distinct ring shape. Bundt cakes are no different than your regular cakes except for the use of the ring shape hollowed mold to bake it in. Bake a lovely bundt of your choice and drizzle it with a bourbon glaze to give it that rich and most earthy flavor.

Chocolate bourbon fudge: There is no doubt that chocolate always goes well with alcohol, even if you have it straight up. If you like a rich, creamy chocolate fudge and enjoy the occasional drink of bourbon whiskey, then this recipe should make your day. Incorporate a generous helping of some of the best bourbon you can find in the delicious dark chocolate mix to let it set and cool.

Bourbon pie: Bourbon also goes well with a number of pie recipes like buttermilk pie, pumpkin pie and any other you can think of. The barrel-aged whiskey compliments the flavors in the rich batter ready to be baked to perfection for you and your loved ones to enjoy.