Scentsy warmers and what you need to know about them

When a person walks into your home, one of the first things they notice is the smell of your house. Just as certain people are associated with fragrances, homes and occasions are also associated with fragrances. For example, doesn’t the thought of Christmas bring to mind the smell of fresh pine or summers remind you of a lemon’s citrus notes? Houses can’t always smell good on their own. Sometimes, they need a little help and this is where Scentsy warmers come in.

A warmer or an oil diffuser is a great way to make your home smell good. Like perfumes override your natural body odor, these oils take away the smells of everyday cooking and cleaning products and make your home smell inviting.

The first step to making your home smell good is to keep it clean and well ventilated. Ensure that your sink and trashcans are emptied and cleaned regularly. Cleaning out the refrigerator once in a while can also help avoid the build-up of mould and funny smells associated with it. Next, open all your windows and let some fresh air in. when the windows are kept closed for a long time, the air within the room turns stale. Even in winters, it is essential to open your doors and windows for a little while each day.
From here, there are many routes you could take to making your home smell great.

Deodorizing sprays
You could either make your own or buy a deodorizing spray for your home. These can be spritzed liberally around the room and even onto furniture before your guests arrive to give you the smell you desire. However, deodorizing sprays do not have very long lasting effects.

Stovetop air fresheners
When you cook something, the kitchen along with the rest of the house starts smelling of it. Use this to your advantage by putting a sweet smelling ‘soup’ to simmer on the stove. An easy recipe to start with involves simmering 2 cinnamon sticks, a few cloves, one fresh bay leaf and a sliced lemon and orange in a pot of water. While this DIY technique may seem very budget friendly, keep in mind the amount of gas you will have to burn to keep your house smelling this way.

Oil burners
Oil burners likeScentsyy warmers are one of the most popular ways of making your home smell good. All you need to do is dilute a little scented oil with water in the burner bowl and connect it to a source of electricity. No burning gas and minimal electricity usage. Scentsy warmers not only add fragrance to our home, they also look cute and add aesthetic value.