Reasons to Purchase a low-priced iPhone 6S

Apple iPhones cost a fortune. The only time they are inexpensive is when the model becomes old, which is why the iPhone 6S currently has a low price. Apple launched this model in September 2014. Critics and customers appreciated this model for its stable iOS and impressive 3D Touch. This phone is still available on the market, and you can buy it for $549 approximately, which is almost $100 lesser than its original launch price. Here are some of the best features of this phone which make it a great pick even today.

About the phone
Apple launched this phone in 2014 and claimed that they redesigned all aspects of it. The company put in extra effort to introduce loads of changes to the interiors and exteriors. Inside, Apple improved the camera quality and ensured that it clicked better photos than ever before. The chassis was strengthened, and Apple claimed that iPhone users could interact with their phones in a new way.

iPhone 6S is similar to iPhone 6. Other than the small S logo on the back of the cover, there is hardly any difference in the looks department. The phone’s body uses 7000 series aluminum which, according to experts, is the strongest material ever used in an iPhone. The screen of the phone was made sturdier to ensure that it does not break if it fell. The screen measures 4.7 inches in size and offers you a resolution of 750p. Thus, buyers of the low-priced iPhone 6S get to enjoy a great entertainment experience.

3D Touch
This was one of the newest features of the iPhone6S. With 3D Touch, customers could poke their phone, use the swipe option as well as other interactive gestures to open and close apps. 3D Touch has limited functionalities in the 6S, but it was enough to impress industry experts as well as the fans of the brand. This feature is one of the reasons why people still prefer to purchase the low-priced iPhone 6S.

This iPhone’s camera was bumped up to 12 MP. It is capable of capturing more details. As a result, you get sharp pictures with brilliant colors. The iPhone 6 had an 8MP shooter, which is why this was a significant upgrade in the camera department.

People think of the iPhone 6S as an old model, especially after the company launched their latest range of iPhones. However, this might be the best time to buy an iPhone 6S for a low price and enjoy this brand’s features within your budget. While Apple does not sell this phone on their website anymore, you can still find a brand new piece on other online and offline retail stores.