Quirky DIY jewelry ideas for trendy women

Anything that makes one feel or look beautiful becomes an instant favorite. Ask a woman what she can never part with and she would tell you that it is her grandmother’s emerald ring or her mother’s diamond brooches. Irrespective of which jewelry piece is her favorite, one cannot deny the fact that women love their jewelry. Right from the trendiest jewelry to the sober ones, give a woman an option to choose which jewelry she wants, she wouldn’t let go off the dressy hairpin as well. So, the bottom line is that women love jewelry and they love experimenting with them as well.

There are fashion enthusiasts who love the ramp-walk look and instead of buying it online, they prefer making these on their own. These quirky jewelry items can be made at home and you can find millions of DIY videos online. But, are you aware of which jewelry item should you try your hand at? Here’s a list of the best DIY jewelry that you can definitely give a try.

The hemp and bead anklet- Here’s something you can flaunt at a summer barbecue cookout. All you need is a hemp jewelry cord and some seed beads, some jewelry glue and a pair of fine scissors. Trim your cord into 6 strands of equal measurement and start braiding it with occasional inclusions of bead. After you are done braiding it, add the clasp and clip it on. Ta-Da! you have a colorful and quirky anklet ready.

The beads and fringe necklace- If you are in love with chunky jewelry or the ones that make an impactful fashion statement, your next DIY should be the beads and fringe necklace. You would get everything at the crafts store near you to make this amazing jewelry. You would need beads, wire cutters, round nose pliers, eye pins, and head pins. Put the beads in the head pins and attach all the head pins to a single pin. Then use this single pin as an anchor to the other pins and attach it to your chain. Viola! You have your new fringe necklace.

The charm bracelet- The easiest of the lot, you can make those adorable charm bracelets that has held your fancy since your favorite Disney star wore it. You would need a chain of your choice, collect the charms which you wish to include in your bracelet and finally, your metal clasp. Assemble these and the final outcome would be a DIY charm bracelet that you can flaunt with any outfit.

So, if you aspire to be a jewelry designer some day or are just interested in making quirky DIY jewelry, you can try a hand at these jewelry pieces.