Popular snow blowers you should consider

When Christmas is around, snow blowers are essential. If you are considering which blower to own to labor your way through the driveway, this article will give you the information required. There are various types of snow blowers available in the market. To make it easy for you, some of the best snow blowers are narrowed down based on the customer reviews available.
The basic function of a snow blower is to scoop up snow and work by shooting it out of a chute. The snow blowers available in the market vary in terms of features and performance. The following snow blowers were rated as the best snow blowers in each category by several snow blower reviews by customers.

The three-stage gas snow blowers work by using the three phases of snow processing which is the use of auger, impeller, and accelerator. This process helps the machine to remove the snow quickly despite the biggest storms. The machine can be up to 30 inches wide. The good part is that these machines can feel like a car while turning. The Cub Cadet 3X 30″ PRO H available for approximately $2,400 was rated among the top 10 snow blowers.

The two-stage snow blower machines are ideally used for the removal of wet, heavy snow. The snow blowing machine is 30 inches wide accompanied with 357 cubic centimeter engines for quick speed to remove snow. It throws the snow at a distance and creates a plowed pile. After making snow blower comparison, the Troy Built Arctic Storm 30, available at a price of $1,500 approximately was considered as one of the top-rated snow blowers.

The compact two-stage snow blowers are 6 to 8 inches narrower than the traditional two-stage snow blowers. These compact snow blowers have the same use and can work similarly while being easier to store. They are ideally used for clearing up 12 inches of snow while being a lot easier to store. One of the best snow blowers in this category is the Cub Cadet 2X 24″ HP, which is available at a price of $950 approximately.

The single-stage snow blower is ideal to clean up light to medium storms. After comparing snow blowers under this category, the Toro Power clear 721 QZR 38743 is considered as one of the best snow blowers. It is available at a price of $680 approximately.

There are new compact cordless now blowers in the market that are to be tried and tested, but as they run by recharging batteries, they are good for 6-inch snow.