No Contract Cellphone Plans for Kids from Best Buy

If you are planning to get a cell phone as well as a mobile plan for your teenager, you have some great options from some of the best providers in the country. Mobile carriers have designed these plans while keeping in mind the needs of today’s kids. Some phones can only make calls and send and receive text messages. These phones are a perfect choice if you want your kids to have basic connectivity. However, if your kids are older, you probably want a plan that provides some limited data for using social media. Best Buy has some no-contract cell phone plans for such needs. Below mentioned are some no-contract cell phone plans for your kids based on different requirements available on Best Buy.

Simple Mobile $40 Prepaid Phone Card
Simple Mobile offers you a prepaid phone card at around $40. This is one of the best selling plans, and you get free shipping as well. It is ideal for your younger children.

Boost Mobile Re-Boost $50 Prepaid Phone Card
Boost Mobile offers you a prepaid card at around $47.50, which is in a higher price range than the previous option. This option is ideal for slightly older children, like those in their pre-teen years.

AT&T $65 Prepaid Phone Card
AT&T provides a prepaid plan card at approximately $61.79. It also comes with free shipping. If your teenagers like to spend their time on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all day long, you should purchase this no-contract cell phone plan from Best Buy.

Cricket Wireless $30 Refill Card
Best Buy offers this refill card for roughly $28.50. This is perhaps one of the cheapest prepaid cards that you can use for several note-worthy features and data capabilities. It also comes with free shipping.

Total Wireless $35 Prepaid Phone Card
Best Buy has a cell phone plan by Total Wireless which is prepaid and costs around $33.25. Teenagers, as well as adults, can use this mid-range plan from Total Wireless. If you or your family member are not heavy internet users, you can buy this no-contract cell phone plan card from Best Buy.

Tracfone Wireless $15 Smartphone Card [Digital]
This plan, which costs roughly $14.25, is the most affordable no-contract cell phone plan available on Best Buy. It comes with free shipping and offers 500MB data at 4G LTE speed, 200 minutes, and 500 texts. This plan is valid for 30 days.

The above mentioned are the top no-contract cell phone plans with Best Buy. While they are great for your children who do not want to be restricted by a contract, they are great for your personal use as well.