Natural Remedies to Combat Dry Skin

Many people who have dry skin find it difficult to deal with the issue especially during the winters. There are simple home remedies that can be considered to get rid of dry skin. The best part is that these remedial measures are inexpensive. Thus, you do not need to spend money on dry skincare products anymore. Some of the easiest and best options of skincare for dry skin are discussed below:

  • Drink plenty of water
    The easiest and the most inexpensive way to counter dry skin problem is by drinking plenty of water. One of the main reasons of dry skin is lack of water in your body. Start drinking water to keep your body hydrated when the skin starts to get dry.
  • Use lukewarm water
    Stop using hot water to wash your face and body. Hot water and soapy cleansers strip away the natural oil of the body. Start to clean your face and body with lukewarm water, followed by a moisturizer or emollient. Your skin will be less likely to get cracked and become dry if you follow this skincare remedy for dry skin.
  • Eat dry fruits
    Almond is the best dry fruit to help retain moisture in your skin. With a continuous intake of these dry fruits, the body would be able to fight dry skin.
  • Warm milk with almond oil
    Take warm milk with few drops of almond oil before sleeping to effectively take care of dry skin problem.
  • Facial Masks
    Homemade facial masks help to retain moisture in the skin and fight dry skin issues.
  • Sesame Oil
    Apply sesame oil on the skin after taking a bath to get rid of dry skin. This skincare home remedy will prevent damage to your dry skin.
  • Avocado Oil
    This oil can treat an even extreme case of dry skin. You can also make an avocado paste and apply on your skin to give it nourishment.
  • Glycerine
    Glycerine is quite beneficial for dry skin. Use it with a combination of rose water for better results. It is good for dry lips too.
  • Avoid Alcohol
    Alcohol and caffeine make dry skin drier. Hence, they should be avoided at all cost if you have a dry skin problem.
  • Milk Bath
    Taking milk bath once in a month as it will help you get rid of dry skin.
  • Olive Oil
    Gently massage your face and body with lukewarm olive oil. Leave it overnight and wash your skin with warm water the next morning. This is an excellent skincare remedy to treat dry skin.
  • Nutritious Diet
    Eating nutritious food is very important to maintain healthy skin. The deficiency of Vitamin A, B and E leads to dry skin. Hence, increase the intake of food rich in these vitamins to counter dry skin.
  • Peanut Butter
    This effectively works on dry skin and patches. Apply peanut butter on the affected areas to treat dry skin problems.
  • Yogurt
    Apply yogurt on dry skin and see the effective result in no time. Yogurt is one of the best products to deal with dry skin conditions.
  • Poppy Seeds
    These seeds provide relief to the itchy and rough skin. Soak poppy seeds overnight and add milk to it and grind them to make a paste. Apply the same to your skin and experience the difference.
  • Honey
    Apply honey on dry skin patches and wash off after 30 minutes. You can also make a mixture of honey and rose water and apply on your skin. These skincare remedies would help with dry, flaky and cracked skin.
  • Apple cider vinegar
    Apply apple cider vinegar on dry skin areas to cure itchy skin.
  • Banana Honey Mask
    The banana honey mask is an effective remedy to treat dry skin. Mash banana and mix it with a few drops of honey. Apply the mixture on your skin and massage for 10 minutes. Once it is dry, rinse off and feel the difference on your skin.

If you follow even some of these skincare remedies mentioned above, you can get rid of dry skin and enjoy a soft, supple, youthful glow on your skin. You can achieve desired results without burning a hole in your pocket with these natural skincare remedies.