Menards: This is where your home improvement begins

Think home improvement, think Menards. One of the top chain of home improvement centers in the United States with hundreds of stores in 14 states like Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming and Kentucky, this is the place you must head to for your dream home space.

Whether it’s a new deck you are putting up, an old bathroom you want to renovate, an office room that needs organised shelving, or you are looking for jackets or umbrellas or maybe groceries or pet supplies, or in short, everything! You don’t have to look any further since everything you need for a place called Home, is available in Menards.

Exterior projects – roofing or yard makeovers; interior projects – electrical or plumbing; maintenance or additions to your existing home, fencing or landscaping projects, or for people looking to buy property – a one story or two story or split level home, a vacation home/log sided one, step into this super organised store – you will return home with all that you were looking for and more, in terms of savings. Because, Menards is the one place that sells good quality stuff at affordable prices and additionally gives you bargain offers too.

With a wide range of services, like Blueprint Uploads, letting you choose and buy online right from your desk and an easy pick up option at the store of your choice, whether it is for commercial contractors or for individual residents, Menards offers extended protection plans and local utility rebates. Also, on their Mobile phone App, you could track your orders or calculate the material requirement for your various projects. You could also refill your propane cylinders for your RVs at this store. Now, how much convenient can it get?!

Renting a variety of tools that can help complete your home projects at special rates, a pickup & go vehicle to help bring your purchases home yourself instead of waiting for them to be delivered, are all thoughtful services offered at Menards.

If ever you are looking to have a space that is comfortable, or want to add a basement or garage for your increasing needs, or you decide to go green and save energy or you simply want to make your existing place more secure by adding emergency preparedness safety measures such as home fire and burglar alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, storm cellars or add a simple backup generator, this home improvement store started by John Menard, Jr. in 1960, is where your wishes come true.

Instead of having to drive all over town, all you need is to stop at Menards once to meet your needs conveniently, completely, without exception.