Maytag Washer-The solution for a happy laundry

Doing laundry is a regular job for every household in the world. A YouGov poll conducted in the United States of America on laundry habits revealed that “doing laundry” is a big task and people would be happy to give it up if possible.

  • Approximately 48% of the people revealed that they prefer laundry over gym.
  • Also, people would rather give up wine, bacon and cheese to avoid staining of clothes.
  • Parents with smaller kids do laundry almost every day.

From the above facts it can be derived that doing laundry is a tedious chore in America. Not to worry, Maytag appliances are there to take the load offyou. Maytag appliances offers an array of laundry washers that are capable of powerful washing with not much effort.

How Maytag Appliances can help?

With years of research and development, Maytag appliances have come up with super cool technologies that address day to day woes of laundry. Maytag washers have the following ingenious technologies:

  • Power wash cycle: This feature in Maytag washers use a combination of hot and cold temperatures to clean the dirt effectively. Heated water ensures better stain removal.
  • Steam Option cycle: Steaming will ensure deep cleaning of your clothes. With this cool feature Maytag washers are capable of cleaning and sanitizing laundry at the same time. The oxi steam option goes deep in to cleaning and disinfecting the laundry.
  • Power spray: This feature allows the laundry to get a powerful jet of water mixed with detergents for an effective cleaning. The wash liquor is recirculated with a force that enables the lifting of tough soil from the deep laundry fibers.
  • Pedestals: Maytag washers also come with an enhanced accessory of pedestals. This allows the user to adjust the height of the machine while loading or unloading the laundry. The pedestals also help in storing the laundry essentials and save space in home.

The excellent Maytag washer reviews have had a big influence in enhancing the presence of Maytag in the industry. Maytag has become a world leader in washing machine manufacturing. Coming up with new technologies in laundry has been the key driver for the success.