Low priced furniture sale at The Dump

Shopping for a new furniture product can be much of a task especially when there are numerous options available in the market. You should, in no case, get involved in impulse buying. If you research well, you might find a few deals here and there that will help you make a good purchase. The biggest advantage of buying from The Dump furniture store is that you get the exact same product of excellent quality at an unbelievably low price. The popularity of the company can be gauged from the amount of rush that can be witnessed at its stores during the three day opening period every week.

If you go to a normal retail store, the owner charges you for the world-class lighting, glass doors, Italian marble floors, aromatic ambiances, pleasing salespersons and tastefully displayed products inside the premises. These are overhead costs that are of no use to you and you feel cheated when you are charged for the same. A Dump furniture store may feel a bit dull, but the deals found there are overwhelmingly amazing and bound to bring the shopper out of you. No matter how much you explain your mind to not get carried away, it just won’t work.

Neither will using grand names alter the characteristics of the product nor will throwing expensive lights on it make it look shinier. Let us have a look at the selection of mattresses and rugs sold by The Dump and the brands that the company offers:

  • Foam mattresses – These mattresses provide support to the body while also adapting to the body structure. A thick mattress encompasses numerous layers of foam and is generally more expensive because of the added comfort that it delivers. MyLoft’s Somerset memory foam mattresses are available at The Dump.
  • Pillow top mattresses – These are the most comfortable form of mattresses that are super soft and cozy. Apart from the lower support layer, pillow top mattresses come with an additional top layer for extra support. Mattresses from James and Owen as well as PranaSleep can be found at The Dump furniture store.
  • Innerspring mattresses – As the name suggests, these mattresses are made up of coils of spring. Characterized by a firm texture, they are the most common form of mattresses found in the market that have been tested and trusted by generations. Aireloom brand from Beverly Hills has been proudly supplying these mattresses to The Dump.
  • Latex mattresses – The makers may either use 100% latex or a combination of latex and springs in designing latex mattresses. While latex forms the base layer, cotton and other natural materials form the covering of the latex layer. The Tori and the Melodic collection at The Dump are of a very high quality.
  • Hybrid mattresses – Hybrid mattresses are a blend of innerspring and memory foam mattresses. They have the combined advantage of both the forms by way of firmness (innerspring) and adaptation to the body (memory foam). These mattresses prevent you from sinking in and also provide you a plush, snug feeling.

Apart from the above, rugs in various forms and styles to suit your sense of fashion are available at The Dump furniture store. Beautifully crafted traditional rugs, silk rugs, Persian rugs, tribal rugs and Oushak rugs in different colors such as crimson, blue, salmon, etc. and materials such as wool are a treat for the eyes. Sizes ranging from 5’x 8’ to 10’x14’ ensure that all individual floor covering requirements are met in the most elegant form. Hand-knotted, handmade and power-loomed; you name it, they have it. Brands from as far as New Zealand and India provide the most authentic rugs for the American customers.