Light fixtures for your garden

Outdoor lighting fixtures can not only enhance your house’s exterior, but if done right, these can upgrade your entire home space. Garden lights can highlight specific features in your house’s outdoor area and also provide illumination for your walkway or others areas of the yard. Whether you want to use outdoor lights for decorative purposes, security reasons or both, you can do so for any house style, size, and budget.

Plan your initial landscape lighting setup
Sketch out your ideas for garden decoration in terms of needs, function, and budget. Do you need outdoor lights just for highlighting the walkway? Or do you wish to make the gazebo in your garden the focus of your home exterior? Perhaps you wish to revamp your entire backyard from dingy to fabulous? Make a list of whatever you desire in terms of your garden lights and plan a budget.
If you want to hire a professional to upgrade your garden, you can share your ideas and plans with your choice of landscape designer and watch the transformation unfold. If you wish to design your own backyard or garden, you can buy all the light fixtures as per your ideas and budget and hire an electrician to install the lights.

You can install solar lights, which may be expensive to buy than other high- or low-voltage garden lights. But the installation costs are low and the operational costs are negligible in the long run. You can discuss the option to use solar outdoor lights with your electrical contractor and install a combination of different types of landscaping lighting fixtures.

Simple ways to use garden lights in your home
Here are simple ways to create a beautiful garden with the use of outdoor lights.
– If you have a lot of planters in your garden, you can replace a few with ones that come with a built-in lighting system. For a small garden, you can buy one such big planter and use it in a corner as a focal point.
– For a mystical effect in your outdoor area, try light cubes or single light fixtures that you can place under a tree, in the middle of a rose garden or with rocks and pebbles near a fountain.
– You can create an instant magical look in your garden with the use of stake lights. The installation is simple as you need to just push them into the soft ground. These are available in different colors and shapes such as flowers, balls, and lanterns. If you have an elevated area in your garden, you can highlight it using stake lights, lanterns, or a combination of small lights in different colors for a dramatic cascading effect.
– Use fluorescent lights to create circles in the garden. You can place small statues or decorative pieces inside these illuminated paths.
– You can use underwater lights for any water features in your garden such as a pond or a waterfall. Use spotlights to illuminate your garden around the water features.