How to keep your pine Christmas tree fresh

The Christmas tree beauty
Christmas trees are the essence of the festival of Christmas and celebrating it without a pine Christmas tree would be dull and boring. The joy of going with kids to pick out your own pine Christmas tree is something that cannot be described in mere words. The excitement as we leave home together, the joy in looking at the many real Christmas trees for sale, ranging in sizes and smelling of their sweet scent, the kids fighting over which one to pick, and finally picking one that would be perfect for your home. The part about getting a Christmas tree where the kids get excited the most is decorating the tree.

Once the tree is set up in a cozy corner and everyone has admired its stature, begins the decoration of the tree. Kids and adults alike get extremely excited about the ritual of decorating the Christmas tree. The decoration usually begins with the north star placed on top of the Christmas tree followed by the many miniature baubles that go all over the Christmas tree. Some of the most commonly used baubles for decoration are Santa, bells, tiny stars, turtle doves, popsicles, candy canes, etc.

The balsam hill trees add an ethereal glow to our homes, and our main concern is how to keep them fresh.

How to keep your pine Christmas tree fresh:

  • Choosing the right tree: While picking the tree, try to pick a green tree with very few brown needles.
  • Trimming the tree right away: When you go home, cut a thick fresh inch of the bark and place the tree in a bucket of warm water.
  • Ensuring the tree is kept away from heat exposure: Keep the tree away from electrical appliances and fireplaces, so that the tree doesn’t begin wilting from the excess heat.
  • Immersing the tree trunk in fresh water constantly: Ensure that the trunk of the tree is always immersed in water as resin forms easily on the trunk and the tree tends to dry out quickly if it’s not immersed in water. Though some say that additives like bleach, aspirin, and sugar help keep the tree fresh, it is always better to use just water to keep the tree fresh.
  • Maintaining a cool room temperature: Keeping the tree by windows and away from radiators and fireplaces will help keep the room cool and at the same time preserve the life of the Christmas tree.
  • Picking the right time to take your Christmas tree down: Take down your tree before it completely dries out, because in that case, your floor is going to be completely covered in dry brown needles.

Follow the given points mentioned, and your pine tree will indeed be as fresh as new.