How to grow lavender flower plants

They are easy to grow and are a beauty to have in your garden. The smell is and look of the flowers are one of their attractive features. Find out more about how you can grow lavenders in your garden.

Starting from the start
Decide where you want to grow your lavenders. You can start with inspecting your garden to figure out best way for your plants. Lavenders demand full and direct sunlight for at least 6 hours a day, so find them a place where they get adequate amount of sunlight for adequate amount of time. Remember, they will not flourish and bloom well if they lack sufficient sunlight.

Once you have the location, make a bed of soil for your plants. Raised beds are perfect for your lavenders as they need proper drainage. Growth is hampered when the soil is moist or damp. Silica if mixed with the soil will help with the drainage.

Another important part is the soil’s pH level. Give equal importance to this part along with others. The pH should be between 6.5 to 7. If you do not have enough knowledge about the pH and level of pH, take a professional help. You can also get a soil test done and check the pH level of your soil. Remember that lavenders prefer alkaline based soil.

Dig a hole in the soil. Hole should be deep and wide enough for the roots to spread. You can add a compost of small round stones and lime juice in the hole to make is drainage ready and alkaline.

Before you take the plant off it’s nursery planter or put, water it so the roots are hydrated before you take them out. Take the plant off one hour later but before taking it off, you can prune them if necessary. You may seek professional help if you aren’t sure. Light pruning can be done, though.

You may now remove the plants from its roots careful with a light hand from it’s nursing pot and shake off excess soil from the roots. Be very gentle while doing that.

Place the plant in the hole you have dig with compost in it. Make sure the roots are not touching the stones and lime mix, so roots should be slightly above the compost mix. To place the plant properly, start adding soil in the dig hole and one it is full, pat gently to fixate the plant in its place.

Lastly, if you’re planting more than one lavender plant, keep a distance of 30-35 inches between two plants. This will help them get good air circulation and will give them enough space to grow.