How to choose the perfect workwear for your employees

Are you in HR? Do you run a hospitality business? Are you a manager? You could be in a situation where you need to choose workwear for your employees. Needless to say, with a variety of options, you could be wondering what could be the best approach to this task.

What to consider when choosing workwear
These factors include safety, comfort, current fashion trends, ease of movement and budget. The best way to start is to think about employees and the job they perform.

Fabrics are of utmost importance
The work wear industry has a lot to offer besides the standard cotton. You need to consider some factors while selecting the fabric of the work wear. Canvas is made of cotton and conventionally used as a material of work wear. A 420 gsm weight is ideal for trousers, jackets, and overalls. You can choose lighter weights as they are more comfortable but less durable. Some people prefer natural fibers for their static control and ability to reduce electric shock.

In recent times, polyester is becoming a popular choice because of its durability. But it is not as comfortable as cotton. Synthetics and polyester have a tendency to hold on to grease and stains, which make them less suited for environments subject to grime, spills, and dirt. Polyester is good at drawing moisture away from the body, and this is the number one contributing factor to its popularity.

Blend benefits
A newly emerging trend in work wear is the use of anti-microbial treated polyesters. This fabric will resist the formation of bacteria in sweat. Blends combine the benefits of different types of fabrics. It is about finding what will work for the specific needs. Spandex and rayon are sometimes a part of work wear blends. Spandex adds stretch to the work wear, and it helps in making movements a lot more comfortable.

Sun protection
The sun can be harsh in certain parts of the US. You can find some brands that offer tighter weaves that can assist in blocking harmful UV rays. The greatest benefit of this work wear is that you will not have to apply sunscreen time and again. In case your workers are required to work in an open area, you should go for the work wear that has been rated as UPF 50+. You should note that skin not covered with the garment will need the application of sunscreen.

Other factors to consider
When it comes to workwear, broken zips and popped buttons are the last things you will want. Choose heavy-duty fastenings which can withstand a good amount of wear and tear. You should also consider whether the work wear will be able to endure the regular laundering that it will be subjected to.
Pick the right fabric for the role and then you can consider styles.