Home improvement and Menards

Dedicated to service and quality, Menards- the home improvement store was founded in the year 1960 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. What John Menard, Jr., its founder, started as a means to get himself a college degree, is now a chain of home improvement centers with close to 300 stores in 14 states! This privately owned enterprise, the third largest home improvement chain in the United States, also opened up to selling groceries in some of their larger stores that have more space.

Selling everything required for a home from building materials to storage baskets, from electrical appliances to pet supplies, from wall paper to apparel, Menards, is truly a one stop shop for all your home needs. You only need to envisage a home you aspire to live in, and it is absolutely possible to create it, brick by brick, literally and figuratively, by stepping into Menards and getting all the things you would need and some more.

The ad goes thus, Save big money at Menards and that is indeed true. With all their traditional advertising through print, TV and radio notwithstanding, they have a myriad modern commercial propaganda too. Helping expand their customer base are the more convenient additions – exclusive money saving offer emails and mobile phone apps that make it easier in terms of time and money for millions of consumers to find products online.

Their comprehensive website – www.menards.com – answers all the questions you have for them. It includes buying guides and tips for helping you choose fittings for your bathroom or even how to improve the quality of your garden soil, How-To videos on fixing appliances, creating decks, and much much more. It is possible to even shop for homes here – yes, and we mean real ones – one-story/two story projects, vacation or multi-family home projects, it is ALL there at Menards.

With options of BarCode Scanning to check prices and learn about the products, or the Augmented Reality feature that lets you visualize the items you are wishing for in your home, product calculators to estimate the material required for your projects or the in-store map that assists you to easily find what you are looking for in their extensive stores, you will save time, energy and resources at this functional chain that ranks in the Top 50 on Forbes’ list of America’s Largest Private Companies.

Plan your next project, whether it is buying a home, home improvement, home renovation, or remodeling, head to Menards. Make your home a reality beyond your dreams.