Here’s where to buy USPS mailboxes

The United States Postal Service or USPS is a leading manufacturer as well as a distributor of mailboxes of all kinds from commercial to residential. With the passing time, as their product quality and types improved and they soon became reputed enough to become USPS approved standard. Therefore, it is natural to buy real USPS mailboxes. There are quite a few places from where you can buy these mailboxes. Here’s a list of some of the places where you can buy mailboxes.
This is the best option you can avail for mailboxes since it is the main website of the highly regarded US Mail Supply. It boasts of a vast variety of mailboxes like indoor horizontal, outdoor cluster and vertical mailboxes, among others. You can select any of them for whichever purpose suits you best.
Providing you with a plethora of mailboxes- from antique residential to classy commercial ones, their range is not one you can afford to miss out on. Quite the leading mailbox selling brand in the North America, their style is one that will suit whichever décor you require your mailboxes for.
A unique web design where you have to follow three simple steps to select the perfect mailbox, this website is quite user-friendly and is highly recommended for those in need of PO replacement. You simply have to search for a post office location near you, reserve your box, buy it and make the necessary payments.
This website is renowned for having been proudly selling USPS approved mailboxes for the past 50 years. With products ranging from classic colonial series which consists of antique post boxes to STD-4C Residential Mailboxes, it is a boon to everyone who wishes to buy post boxes.

These are a few websites that you should consider if you wish for a sturdy, durable, and most importantly real USPS mailbox. Upon replacing your old post box with products from either of the above websites, you are sure to be fully content. What’s best, you can do it all from the comfort of your home.