Food items that trigger stomach disorders

Your eating habits directly affect your mood and state of well-being. While eating light and easily digestible food items can keep you happy and satiated, some meals leave you feeling bloated and queasy, often causing stomach disorders. The best solution to this problem is trusting your gut. While this may work for many, many others may give in to their temptations and eat things that may aggravate digestive issues. Check out this list of food items you must avoid in cases of a digestive condition.

Dairy products
Discomfort after the consumption of dairy products may not just be limited to people with lactose intolerance, many others without the medical condition find milk and milk products difficult to digest. This is mainly because dairy products naturally contain sugar lactose that causes gas and bloating in some. Excess of milk or lactose in the system may cause diarrhea or other stomach problems. In case you frequently get cramps or observe discomfort after having milk, it is best you avoid it.

Fried foods
Conventional wisdom prompts one suffering from digestive issues to stay away from fried items. Fried foods quite like fatty foods delay the process of digestion and usually deters emptying of the stomach. This, in turn, causes people with weak digestion feel bloated, full and uncomfortable. Fried food may also cause some heartburn or GERD.

While caffeine helps you feeling active and alive, people with tummy troubles must avoid the use of caffeinated drinks until your digestion rolls back to normal. Too much caffeine in many may triggers anxiety, gas, bloating or hyperacidity. Since tea, coffee, soda, chocolate and the like are sources of caffeine, it is best you put them on hold until normalcy returns.

Processed food
Processed foods like loaves of bread, buns, canned items and the like are low in fiber and contain preservatives and artificial coloring. Eating such food may cause constipation and disturbed bowel movement. Preservatives may also cause allergies among hypersensitive people who may develop digestive problems. It is best to avoid packaged low-fiber food items in case you have a pre-existent tendency.

This is a no-brainer that alcohol worsens the digestion in case you have a stomach disorder. Alcohol is toxic and causes indigestion, in case, had in excess. Nutritionally it has no proteins, vitamins or good carbohydrate to benefit your condition. It is best to keep drinking at bay when you have an ailing tummy.