Five popular types of refrigerators and what they offer

A refrigerator is your much-needed companion during summers. Whether you’d like to enjoy some iced strawberries or want to save that last piece of cake for devouring it later, a refrigerator serves all food-preserving purposes. Due to several best refrigerator deals flashing out there, customers often get confused and find it difficult to choose the one that suits them aptly. Hence, the description and all major positives of the top refrigerators in the market have been given below.

Most popular refrigerator types and their highlights

To decide what type of refrigerator to choose among the best refrigerator deals, one must carefully understand all the refrigeration and freezing requirements. Enlisted here are the five most popular types of refrigerators and the main features that they bring to the table.

Bottom Freezer
These refrigerators feature the freezer under the refrigerator section of the fridge. This type of refrigerators gained popularity over the past few decades for a couple of reasons. One, they improve accessibility and second, they look more stylish than the conventional top freezer refrigerators.

Facilitates reaching for items placed in the lower portion of refrigerator without bending over, making a great choice to be used by people with lower back problems

  • Allows easy access to items placed in the freezer
  • Freezer door may swing open or pull out
  • Might feature a single or 2 French doors

Built-in: Built-in refrigerators are designed to become one with the kitchen. These refrigerators are usually set up along with the kitchen installation to make them a permanent part of the kitchen decor. However, built-in refrigerators are less-liked options for average home and kitchens.


  • Seamlessly blends in with any kitchen decor
  • Has less depth and more width than conventional refrigerators
  • Features beautifully finished tops and sides
  • Different styling with custom-made panel options

Compact: Designed to save space, compact refrigerators are best to sneak in tight spaces and beneath counters. These types of refrigerators are just ideal for people having less space for accommodating a regular refrigerator.


  • Perfect for using in bedrooms, dorm rooms, home bars, and home offices
  • More compact than standard units
  • Easy for placing on countertops

Side-by-Side: In the Side-by-Side type of refrigerators, both refrigerator section and the freezer are placed adjacent to each other. The freezer section in these refrigerators is more spacious than other types of refrigerators.


  • Facilitates easy access to items placed in both refrigerator section and the freezer
  • Allows accommodation of large plates and platters

Top Freezer: Top Freezers are the most common type of refrigerators available. As the name suggests, these types of refrigerators have the freezer on top of the main refrigeration section.


  • Most typical type of refrigerator
  • Features spacious refrigerator section