Finding the Right Type of Razor and Shaving Blade

Although growing beard is a popular trend now, many men prefer to have a clean face, especially in the office. The most important thing about being formal is staying clean and groomed. You might say that buying a razor is the easiest thing in the world. However, buying a good one is not a very easy task.

Different types of razors for all the men out there

A shaving blade is always a classic choice for men who prefer to depend on their grooming skills. There are many people who consider using an electronic shaving machine since it helps them save a lot of time. There are also many other variants of a shaving blade for the new and fashionable man out there.

Electric shaver

In case you have a very hectic schedule every morning, it is necessary that you use the electric shaving kit for a faster output. Electric shavers are also good in case you are traveling and are always on the run.

Electric razors are actually not everyone’s cup of tea. These are extremely popular among travelers, yes, but many face problems like skin irritation and pimples after using electric razors. These can be used in both ways – for wet as well as for dry shaving.

Cartridge blades

A cartridge razor shaving blade might be a bit tilted on the expensive side, but you can always find them in almost any shop. These razors generally come along with 3 to 5 blades from different manufacturers. Most of the men living in the west prefer to use this distinct shaving blade everytime they turn 18 years old. These are best for beginners and for people who find electric razors complicated. They are safe and easy to use and it is extremely hard to cut your skin with these razors.

It is always advised not to use a cartridge razor more than four to five times since using them on a regular basis can also cause skin irritation. Using such a shaving blade regularly can also make the blade dull and blunt with time.

Double edge razor

There is another option for men having tremendous skin irritation problems and that is a double edge razor. This significant shaving blade is modern and safe for usage. It also has a classic design that sets it apart from the rest. These blades are a good investment if you compare their price with others in the market. They usually give you a clean and safe shave every time you use them.

Straight razors are good and will last you for a lifetime. In case you are tired of acne and skin irritation, then it is time to get back with your straight razor, as they not only give you a close shave but also help you in maintaining smooth skin every time. There is also the option of Chevette, which gives you options to change the blade.

Where can you buy them?

There are various online websites where you can buy different kinds of shaving blades and kits. Although it is always advised to buy an electric shaver online, it is better not to buy a straight razor online. A shave stop is always the go-to place where you can find your desired shaving blade.

If you are not very fond of a close shave, then it is better to go with trimmers that are very good for people looking for a rugged look every morning. Trimmers are cost effective and very portable and you can always use them without any worries about acne or skin problems. If you are not looking for a clean-shaved look, then you can always go for such options like trimmers. They are easily available in leading marketplaces.