Features to look for in a ski bag

Ski bags are an essential part of travel equipment if you happen to be an avid skier. In case you do travel a lot, the hard case ski bag could prove to be the best one for you. Space is an important factor when it comes to choosing best ski bags after all, if you find a good ski bag that provides enough space for your bulky, heavy, voluminous ski boots, you should go for them. However, space is just one good feature. Listed below are the features that you should for in a ski bags

Wheels: If you feel that your ski bag is heavy and you opt for the wheeled ones, the best idea would be to pick one with the larger wheels, which are easier to maneuver. Some of the better-wheeled ski bags along with the snowboard bags use ‘Inline Skate Wheels,’ which gives the best performance when it comes to maneuvering. Most of the top-quality bags use different styles of large sized (heavy tread) wheels to assist travelers to travel in snowy parking lots.

Exterior Compression Straps: Two nylon straps mainly synchronize the movement of the skis inside. In addition to this, if the skis are much smaller than the bag, you can easily fold the extra fabric as well as tie it up with the nylon straps which run around each end of the bag.

Interior Gear Straps: These straps are manufactured with nylon. The interior straps fix the gears with your bag, which is responsible and helpful for keeping many skis inside. These straps are excellent to carry numerous pairs of snowboards or skis, as it allows you to secure the gear inside the bag so that it doesn’t constantly move during transport.

Padded Straps: These padded straps protect your skis from unnecessary harm as well as bumps that come along the way. These padded straps are present in the double ski as well as snowboard bags.

Pockets: While pockets have been the most interesting feature that has been added, they have also been the most useful ones. You can keep skiing necessities in the pockets, such as watches, goggles, etc. There are several larger ‘ski’ as well as ‘snowboard bags’ that arrive with several pockets to store the gear. Likewise, these pockets have a great place which allows you to store waxing kits as well. To maximize your travel space, you can keep your extra gears in your ski bag.