Best Wireless Phone Plans on a Budget

Finding the best wireless phone plan today needs an in-depth understanding of nuances like the data capacity, streaming speed, coverage, and the number of lines you need. For all the top four carriers in the country, data plans cost less if you subscribe for multiple lines. Before taking a final call, you also need to understand what you or your family need. There are also short-term plans that are meant to lure in the customers, and they vanish once the customer settles down. In short, choosing the best wireless phone plans is not an easy task and needs an expert’s advice. Here we have made a list of some of the best wireless phone plans that you can buy and enjoy on a strict budget.

AT&T’s Unlimited &More Plan
AT&T has now acquired Time Warner, and therefore the company has updated its ‘Unlimited &more’ plan to accommodate a huge amount of TV content on its data plans. The price for the new plan starts at around $80 for a single phone line, and as you add more lines to the package, the price keeps going down. So, now you can get a double line for $145, triple for $165, and a four-user line will cost you $180 approximately. Therefore, as the number of lines increases, you pay less for an individual line. AT&T gives you access to 30 live TV channels and numerous old shows from Time Warner’s library that consists of 15,000 TV shows and movies. The best part is that you do not need to access all of this on your phone; you can choose to add any streaming device to enjoy this content. Based on the price band you choose, you get unlimited phone calls, text messages, and internet data usage.

Sprint’s Unlimited Basic Plan
Sprint has been one of the cheapest carriers of the country for a long time now. This brand offers unlimited service in two tiers. So, if you want better services, you have to pay more. The ‘Unlimited Basic plan’ from Sprint is the best wireless phone plan that starts at around $65 for a single line, and if you opt for a two-line connection, you will have to fork out $110 approximately. There is also an ‘Unlimited Plus’ plan, which costs roughly $75 for a single line and $130 for a double line. This plan has benefits such as HD video streaming, music streaming, and gaming along with unlimited 3G service.