Best Virgin Mobile Cell Phone Plans

Virgin Mobile is one of the top cellular companies in the country. This company has close to 23 phones that you can choose, along with three plans provided by Sprint. These may not be available in some areas, so before you choose a plan, you must find out if it is provided in your area. Following are the best Virgin Mobile cell phone plans that you can purchase along with your phone. All of these are no-contract plans, and you can get them on your existing phone as well.

Beyond Talk $35 Unlimited Plan
This plan is from the network provider, Sprint. It is meant for all phones and offers exclusive BYO for iPhones. It also comes with several member benefits. With this plan, you get unlimited nationwide talk time and text along with 5GB of full-speed data. After you’ve used 5GB data, the speeds are slowed down. The connection is not completely shut so that there are no overages. The company also offers you several deals when you bring your phone to get the connection. This cell phone plan can work with all the 23 phones available with Virgin Mobiles.

Beyond Talk $45 Unlimited Plan
This plan is also a no-contract prepaid cell phone plan provided by Virgin Mobiles. It is offered by the network carrier Sprint. It offers video streaming optimized for mobile, which goes up to 480p quality. With this plan, you get a number of member benefits, and you can also get your own SIM at around $9.99 if you bring your iPhone. This plan offers unlimited national calls and texting. The data included in this plan is 5GB of full-speed data. After that has elapsed, the speed of the connection goes down.

Beyond Talk $60 Unlimited Plan
This plan is also offered by Sprint to Virgin Mobile users, and it is one of the high-end Virgin Mobile cell phone plans. It costs around $60, and you get unlimited national calls and text messages. The data is also unlimited which means there is no soft cap after which your connection will be slowed down. The plan also comes with exclusive BYO for iPhones, and you can get a SIM card for just $9.99 if you bring your own iPhone. The streaming quality of this connection is 480p, which is very good for mobile phones. It also provides other member benefits that make it a worthy purchase.