Best swimming techniques for people with low or no vision

Swimming is an activity that is enjoyed by all. Swimming is also said to be the only activity that you can never unlearn. Swimming is known to have amazing health benefits. All these are widely known facts. What’s lesser known though is that swimming is an excellent sport for individuals living with vision loss!

The only fear a person without sight has while swimming is that even the visioned has the fear of drowning! There are several tricks that help people with low or no visibility swim like a mermaid. Let’s look at some of these.

Counting the number of strokes while swimming the length of the pool really helps keep a track of the finish line. Tactile feedback like swim ropes and markers too help a great deal. Competitive swimmers are known to make use of tappers. Tappers are just people who tap the swimmers with a long foam poll. These people come into play only when the swimmer is close to the end of the pool or when he/she needs to take a turn. Placing an audio device also makes for a strong indicator of the fact that the finish line is near.

Swimming for the blind is not restricted to pools. The pool may be a safer swimming option but it compares nothing to the sea. Swimming in open water spaces should be achieved with a sighted person or a group. Being receptive to sounds signaling the direction of land can prove helpful while determining the direction in which you want to swim.

The nature of aquatic activities is such that it can be enjoyed irrespective of physical and mental challenges. The most fantastic thing about learning to swim is that it boosts confidence, motivation and self-esteem. Apart from it being an absolutely fun sport, it gives a great sense of achievement to one and all. For people with mental and physical challenges exercise is believed to be an ordeal. Swimming, however, is a great and rewarding activity that helps one stay fit.

Swimming brings a number of benefits to all ages and abilities. Adopting some of the above steps can enable people with visual conditions to enjoy this awesome sport. Whether you are learning it for the first time, or are on a look out to enjoy your precious time with family, swimming is the way to go!