Best smartphone deals in the US

The U.S smartphone market is one of the largest and the most buzzing ones in the world. Statistics have shown that the population of U.S smartphone users will be around 222.9 million for this year. Since the technology has advanced and there are a wide range of smartphones to choose from, there is a tight competition among the smartphone manufacturers and the carriers to attract new customers and develop their customer base.

Options in the US market
There are a wide range of deals available to the customers in the U.S. The major players in the U.S market are Apple, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Google, etc. The customers, along with the cell phones, also need to choose data plans that are offered by the mobile operators. The customer decides on a phone considering the price of the phone and the list of best smartphone plans that are offered by the operator. It is also highly recommended to buy an unlocked phone so that one can choose the carrier of his interest.

Deals available
Deals are available both offline and online.

Offline deals are available in stores and great deals can be expected at the time of the great Black Friday sale, Christmas and other festive seasons. Among them the major ones offering good deals are the Walmart chain of stores.
Online deals, on the other hand, are available at most of the time throughout the year. Major websites are available in the websites like eBay, Amazon, Best Buy etc. For instance, on the, an Apple iPhone 6s Plus 16GB is available for $379 instead of its original price of $699. is also another great website which provides great deals. On e-commerce retailer behemoth Amazon, the Moto G Plus (5th Generation) costs $229 which is one of the best deals one can get on the phone.
Deals are given and provided by the mobile carriers too. For instance, AT&T is giving the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S8 for free if one signs up for a connection with AT&T. Money can be paid on a monthly basis EMI plan with a data plan given by the operator. They are also offering the similar offer on iPhones where you can get the phone for free, provided you set a contact with the operator and pay to the operator for the data on a monthly basis. However, break the contract in the given and stated time period, and you are liable to pay the rest of the amount.

Irrespective of whether the deal is online, offline or with mobile manufacturers, you get a bunch of deals in the U.S at almost all times all you need is to grab the right deal at the right time.