Best providers of IRA and 401k

There are quite a few firms that provide both the above retirement plans. The choice should be made carefully, not only in choosing the type of the retirement plan by the tax benefits and other differences but also the providers of the plans.

The following are some of the best providers of the individual retirement account:

  • TD Ameritrade charges a trade commission of $6.95 and needs no initial deposit to be maintained. Given its excellent customer service available throughout and the resources provided for one to make an informed decision, it stands out as one of the best providers.
  • Charles Schwab has a relatively lower trade commission of $4.95. However, it requires you to maintain the initial deposit of $1,000. With an impressive range of index funds to choose from, Charles Schwab marks its place in the top firms.
  • E*Trade is quite similar to TD Ameritrade regarding trade commission ($6.95) and no requirement of an account minimum. An excellent option for individuals who wish to start off small.
  • Merrill Edge also charges the same trade commission as TD Ameritrade and requires no initial deposit. It’s brilliant customer service, and its physical presence gives it an edge.

The employer recruits various firms to manage 401(k) plans of their employees. Following are some of the best firms available:

  • Fidelity investments are well known for providing the best customer satisfaction. This firm works hard to find the right fit for the firms and is known for developing the best strategies for the firm’s benefits.
  • ADP caters to various other needs of a firm along with the employees’ retirement accounts and hence is equipped to deal with a firm’s needs rightly. Thorough guidance and detailed planning of 401k plans from their side enable the businesses to reach their required goals.
  • American Funds are famous for the great flexibility that comes with them of almost over 360,000 plans. Their adequate knowledge in the field of mutual funds helps them make the best decisions regarding the 401k plans.