Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

Seniors have different requirements from their cell phones, and they might not want to pay for the standard features that usually come with phone plans. Some seniors may not want to pay for unlimited data, or they might need extra hours on their talk time, or they might want to make international calls at no extra costs. Considering their different needs, many cell phone carriers in the country have created phone plans for seniors. There are many low-cost options available, and some mobile carriers offer specific plans for seniors who are on Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income, or other government-funded programs. Following are some of the best senior phone plans that you can enjoy in the country.

T-Mobile – Pay as You Go
This plan can be availed at a monthly price of around $3. It offers the seniors 30 minutes of free calls or texts, and any additional usage costs 10 cents per minute or per message. It is probably the cheapest and the best phone plan for seniors as they do not have to pay for additional facilities other than calling and texting.

AT&T – GoPhone Daily
AT&T’s GoPhone Daily plan costs approximately $2 per day. This phone plan for seniors comes with unlimited talk time and text messages. This plan needs them to pay only on the days that they use the phone. Therefore, they do not even have to pay $2 on other days.

Ting charges seniors separately for their data, talk time, and text usage. The base price for a phone plan for seniors is around $6, and post this the customer has to pay based on their usage. The usage of individual services is divided into levels, and the senior has to pay for these services only after they reach the level.

US Mobile
US Mobile also offers a similar plan where individuals have to pay the company based on their usage. The base price for this type of plan is around $4, and it is topped by how many messages the senior sends or how much data he or she uses. Again, here, the plan is divided into levels, and seniors have to pay only they reach the level.

Boost – Mobile Unlimited
This plan from Boost is an excellent phone plan for seniors who are mobile savvy. This plans costs roughly $50 per month and provides the seniors with unlimited talk time, high-speed data, and unlimited texting.