A Guide to the Cheapest Unlimited Data Plans

Almost all the network carriers in the country provide plenty of data plans. Choosing the best one depends on what the plan is offering, how much it costs as well as your cell phone’s needs. Most of the cheapest unlimited data plans offer a fixed amount of data for free, and once you have used that, the company reduces your surfing and streaming speeds. Data gets cheaper with most providers when you buy more than one line. Following are the best unlimited data plans in the country.

T-Mobile – ONE Plus
T-Mobile has taken over the market entirely with its data plans, and it is a leader in the segment. The ONE Plus plan offers unlimited data along with unlimited calling and texting. This plan costs roughly $80 for a single line, making it one of the cheapest options for unlimited data. It lets you enjoy video streaming in HD resolution and also gives you unlimited Wi-Fi access on any Gogo-based flights. The mobile hotspot option on the plan works at 4G LTE for the first 10 GB, after which it reverts to 3G speeds.

Virgin Mobile – Inner Circle
Virgin Mobile’s Inner Circle plan is the best cheapest prepaid options for unlimited data. The company offers an iPhone-only plan that costs around $1 per month and gives you six months of unlimited service with an upfront payment of $9.99 for the SIM card. If you have an iPhone and would like to switch to Virgin, you will have to ensure that your phone is compatible with Sprint, because this plan works on Sprint’s network. Virgin Mobile requires you to purchase a new iPhone from the Apple store to be eligible for the $1 cell phone plan.

Metro PCS – Unlimited Family Plan
Metro PCS offers the best unlimited data plans for families on a no-contract basis. Its Unlimited Family Plan costs around $110, and this cost breaks down to roughly $27.5 per line per month. Thus, this is one of the cheapest unlimited data plans which provides unlimited calling, data, and texting. Similar offers by rival telecom companies such as Cricket Wireless, provide slower speeds (3 Mbps) at a price of around $100. The Unlimited Family Plan offers full-speed data for a top-up of approximately $10 every month. Therefore, if you compare the cheapest unlimited data plans available in the country, you will find that Metro PCS offers the best plans for families.