A Guide to the Best No Contract Unlimited Data Cell Phone Plans

When it comes to no-contract unlimited data cell phone plans, you will have a tough time deciding on the best one because almost all the carriers in the country offer several unlimited data plans that are cheap, and give you speed as well as cost efficiency. Top brands like AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint all have some really good unlimited data bundles. To help you make a decision, here is a list of a few no-contract unlimited data cell phone plans that you can consider for yourself and your family.

Metro PCS – Best Value Plan
Metro PCS offers the best value-for-money no-contract unlimited data cell phone plans in the country. It costs roughly $50 per month with all taxes and fees included. At this price, you can stream as much HD data as you want, along with making unlimited calls and texts. It also comes with some added perks like music streaming, which is extra and not included in the unlimited data pack.

Boost Mobile – Unlimited Gigs
Unlimited Gigs is a no-contract unlimited data cell plan offering unlimited calls and text messages at around $50 every month. Sprint Network provides this plan, and this company is one of the trusted names in the country. This plan includes all the taxes and fees in the mentioned price. It also provides music streaming and lets you listen to your favorite channels like Pandora and Spotify.

T-Mobile – ONE Plan
At first glance, T-Mobile’s ONE plan may not look like a good deal at approximately $70 per month. However, once you factor in everything that is included with this plan, you will realize it is actually better than the above-mentioned plans. Most network carriers put a data cap on the amount of GBs used every month. T-Mobile offers the largest soft data cap that goes up to 50 GB. The price of the plan includes all the applicable taxes and fees. You also receive unlimited calls and text messages every month.

Sprint – Unlimited Freedom Plan
Sprint’s Unlimited Freedom Plan costs around $60 per month, plus taxes and fees. This plan offers unlimited data and calls, but the soft cap of the data is 23 GB, which is much lower than the limit offered by T-Mobile. The company makes up for this difference by allowing customers to enjoy their data in full HD, which is one facility that is not yet available with other top brands like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.