5 reasons why Turbo-Tax makes tax filing easy

US Tax code is nearly 70,000 pages long. It is not possible for everyone to understand the intricacies of all the tax rules and regulation. A specific set of skills are required to ensure tax preparation is done the right way so that you don’t overpay or incur any fines. This is why 60% of the taxpayers use paid tax preparers to complete and submit their tax returns. The most difficult aspect of tax preparation is finding a suitable tax preparer. Intuit is one of the popular organizations to design and devise an automatic tax preparer to assist people in filing their taxes. Intuit’s TurboTax is an American tax preparation software package that makes it easier to file tax returns correctly.

Along with making the process of preparing taxes smooth and simple, TurboTax is also quite affordable and is easy on the wallet. Here are five reasons why TurboTax might be a good tax preparing software to assist in filing tax returns.

  • Accuracy: In order to file tax returns correctly, it is essential that all data and calculations related to your taxes are accurate. 100% accuracy is ensured by TurboTax. By running multiple iterations of error checks and double-checking your tax returns before filing, TurboTax ensures that you get accurate calculations. TurboTax gaurantees that it would bear the penalty and interest in case you have to pay a state penalty due to a TurboTax calculation error.
  • Reliable service: With nearly 30 years of presence in the industry, TurboTax has been ranked as the #1 best-selling tax software that has assisted people in filing their tax returns correctly and efficiently. This is assured by guaranteeing reimbursements to customers in case of errors on the part of the software. This has ensured a strong customer base for TurboTax.
  • Easy-to-use functionality: Turbotax is quite easy to understand and use. By simply clicking a photo of the W-2 form with your phone or any personal device, you can jumpstart on your tax returns filing. Your data will be verified and will be securely uploaded into the right tax forms automatically. Thus, essential time is saved by TurboTax.
  • TurboTax Live: One of the latest addition to the list of great features that TurboTax already has is the TurboTax Live. With this, you can be assured that an experienced CPA or EA reviews your tax returns. Also, TurboTax assures 100% accuracy guarantee on this process to its users.
  • One-on-one answers: Most tax preparation software simply assist customers with the calculations. However, TurboTax assures that users receive assistance till they are done with the entire process of tax returns filing. If you have any questions or need any additional help, you can always contact a TurboTax specialist via a one-way video and get all your queries answered right on the screen.