5 easy sewing machine projects for beginners

Bought a sewing machine? Excited and confused, isn’t it? Commencing new creative projects can often prove to be a perplexing experience. The first question that pops into a beginner’s mind is what should I make with my brand-new sewing machine? And this first attempt is extremely important, as it not only encourages the beginner but also deepens their interest.

The key is to choose your first project smartly, so that there is no room for mistakes, and even if an error occurs it’s a negligible one. So, if you’re a beginner, clueless, but ready with your sewing machine in a mint condition to try the new world of designs, here are 5 easy sewing machine projects that you can start off with.

  • Pillow cases
    Easy to make, a pretty to look at, pillow cases can change the whole vibe of a boring couch or a plain bed. You can go crazy with the colors and kind of fabrics and patterns you would want to use. It could be your old bed sheets or curtains, or the floral or crochet mandala design freshly hunted from a flea market. Pillow cases are the ultimate game changers.
  • Coin purse
    An adorable little coin purse can be a great gift, or a delightful accessory for you to carry. They are inexpensive, simple and eye-catching. If you’re still getting accustomed to idea of adding zippers then an assorted set of colorful buttons can elevate its beauty.
  • Scarf
    Apart from saving you from the wrath of winters, scarves are an amazing accessory to make an uncomplicated style statement. You can start by making a regular scarf or an infinity scarf, the possibilities are endless when it comes to patterns and style. You can add thin or thick laces on the border of the scarves to make it more chic and unique.
  • Tote bag
    Functional and trendy, Tote Bags are every girl’s essential accessory in the wardrobe. They are straightforward and can be fun if you’re highly experimental in terms of colors and designs.
  • Simple skirt
    If you want to attempt sewing a piece of clothing, a skirt will be a safe first bet to make. They are easier than a shirt or a pair of pants. If you get the measurements, fabric and the style right, your skirt could be a wonderful addition to your closet.

These were some hassle free and quick ideas that you can work with as a novice, as you advance towards a more complex style of sewing. You can find plenty of blogs and videos online to guide you with your sewing machine and innovative design ideas.