5 easy at-home exercises to try

Exercising is a treasure trove, making one achieve optimum health, among other benefits. With daily exercise, one can also expect better concentration and a massive energy boost to last throughout the day. The best part? One does not have to pay for a gym membership to access these benefits. Workouts can be simple and highly effective, even when done at home. So, here are some easy at-home exercises one can add to their daily routine:

Squats boost one’s core strength and lower body flexibility. One can start by standing straight, with the feet slightly apart. Then, they will need to brace their core and bend their knees as if they were sitting on an imaginary chair. While bending down, the chest and chin must be up, and the hips must be pushed back. The knees must not be outward or inward, and the thighs must be parallel to the ground. After holding this pose for a second, one can rise and repeat.

Dumbbell rows
Useful for the back and other upper body muscles, this exercise involves holding a 10-pound dumbbell in each hand and bending forward at the waist, with the back at a 45-degree angle with the ground. The back and neck should be straight as an arrow, and the arms should hang down. Then, one can gently pull the dumbbells up by bending one elbow and stopping just below the chest. One can follow the same steps on the other hand and alternate between the two.

Planks help tone the abdominal muscles and stabilize the abs without straining the back. Here, one should first plant their toes and hands on the floor while keeping their back straight, parallel to the ground, and their abdomen tight. For beginners, the plank position should be held for 20 seconds, with each subsequent one held for longer durations as the strength increases.

Push-ups strengthen the chest, triceps, shoulders, and core trunk muscles. First, one should get down on all fours and place their hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. After straightening the arms and legs, they can lower their body until their chest almost touches the ground before lifting themselves back up.

Walking helps burn calories, strengthen the heart, and improve blood flow. Gentle walking or rapid, brisk walking can be great warm-up exercises as well.