4 great ideas for customized mugs

If you’re thinking up gift ideas for that special someone or doing some last-minute holiday shopping, finding something personal and fitting can sometimes be quite difficult. Giving a customized gift item like photobooks, mixtapes, mugs, t-shirts, or pillows is a great idea. A custom mug is especially good when all other ideas don’t work out. Let’s check out some fool-proof customized mug ideas to help you out if you’re on a tight schedule and budget.

The easiest way to customize a simple mug without needing any artistic skills is printing different quotes and designs. These quotes can be generic and based on the occasion; they can also be something of personal significance to you and the recipient. You will come across a wide range of gift shops and retailers who customize such simple mugs for affordable and even discounted prices. This option is an excellent alternative for when you do not want to print up someone’s photo on the side of a mug.

If you’re gift-hunting for a close friend or family member, giving them a customized mug is a great idea. Custom mugs with photographs have become quite common; instead, you can add graphic illustrations and caricatures that comically depict the recipient. Getting such designs for your loved ones is an easy task, and the reaction is always fun. These custom mugs look extremely pretty and artsy, and are a much better alternative to photo-printed ones. If you get them made in bulk for multiple family members, you may also get attractive discounts on them. Moreover, if you are an artist, you can illustrate your own designs for the mugs.

Heat-sensitive prints
To add the element of surprise to your gift, customizing a heat-sensitive mug is the perfect idea to do so. These types of mugs are solid black at room temperature and start revealing the underlying print after hot or cold drinks are poured into them. The revealed design can range from photographs and illustrations to quotes and meaningful symbols. Making these mugs is also a great idea for events such as gender reveal parties. Younger children or anyone who is easily fascinated by changing colors will be easily impressed by this gift. Quite a few online stores have fascinating designs, and these cutsom mugs are available at discounted prices.