3 Well-Known Dog DNA Test Kits to Know about

Have you ever wondered about the genetic makeup of your dog? Why is his fur in an odd pattern? Or why does your dog tilt her head before barking? You may dismiss these as odd quirks of your pet, but often it is their genetic makeup that gives them those little weird habits. If you are curious about your dog’s genetic makeup, you can get home a dog DNA test kit and find out everything about your pet’s family history, identity, and exact breed. Moreover, such tests are useful to know whether your dog is at the risk of any diseases in the future.

There are a number of dog DNA test kits available in the market. How to know which one is the best? Read on to know about some of the most popular dog DNA test kits preferred by many dog parents.

Embark Dog DNA Test Kit
This is one of the most popular dogs DNA test kits among pet owners with its highly detailed health screening, paternal and maternal tracing, and a high number of genetic markers. This test is known to be done in as much depth as the DNA test for humans are done. Moreover, this dog DNA test kit has got some of the best reviews on online retail websites like Amazon. The tests include examining for 256 quadrillion genes and for more than 200 dog breeds. Additionally, it also includes a test for detecting wolf or coyote genes. Furthermore, the tests will screen your dog for more than 160 diseases and known health issues of dogs. Embark has one of the most responsive customer services. The wait time for test results is 3-7 weeks. The price is around $199.

Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test
For dogs that are of mixed breeds, this is one of the most suitable dog DNA test kits for its biggest breed database. This kit tests for nearly 250 canine breeds, which is nearly 50 breeds more than other kits in the market. It also offers an optional genetic disease screening. This kit combines the traditional DNA test with a disease detection test. The test will screen a dog’s DNA for more than 150 common genetic health conditions in dogs. Moreover, it will also test whether a dog has wolf or coyote genes. The waiting period for test results is 2-3 weeks. The DNA test kit is available for about $80. If the Disease Detection kit is added, the price will be around $150.

HomeDNA Orivet Dog DNA Test and Life Plan
This dog DNA test kit is known to be perfect for new dog parents. It includes a life plan with a customized breed diet, playtime routine, and exercise plan. The HomeDNA Orivet Dog Test kit is known for providing the most overall information and for going past genetic information. The kit tests for more than 220 breeds. Moreover, it also offers a health screening that tests your dog for more than 100 genetic diseases. It also tests for the presence of wolf and coyote genes. The wait time of the test results is around 3 weeks. The price of this dog kit is around $125.