3 Popular Cell Phone Plans for Families

Choosing a cell phone plan for the family means assessing everyone’s data and call requirements, and making a decision that will ensure that everyone’s phone works non-stop every month. There are numerous cell phone plans for families provided by various mobile carriers that claim to be the best in the market. Such plans cater to families of all sizes. Therefore, it does not matter if you have a family of 2, 3, 5, or 10. You can find a good plan that will help you save money on your bills. Following is a list of the best cell phone plans for families.

T-Mobile – ONE
T-Mobile’s ONE™ plan offers unlimited data, in-flight texting, international roaming, and no taxes and fees on the bill. This plan is considered to be one of the best cell phone plans for families. The plans start at around $140 for a family of four, and the same amount can work for a family of three with a few different options. T-Mobile also gives you free access to Netflix, unlimited HD streaming, and unlimited 4G LTE data meant for a hotspot. If you want to add an extra gadget, like an Apple watch or a tablet, you can do so for around $10 to $20.

Sprint – Unlimited Plus
Sprint offers a family line for approximately $120 per month for a family of two. The first line costs $70 and the second one costs $50. After the second line, you will have to pay roughly $30 for every additional line. At this price range, you get 15GB of hotspot data for every line and unlimited talk time, text, and data. You can also stream HD content and get a free subscription to Limited Commercials Plan from Hulu as well as Tidal music. If your family does not require all these extra features, you can choose the Unlimited Basic Plan, which comes with reduced streaming quality and hotspot data. It costs around $60 for a single line and $100 for two lines.

Metro PCS
Metro PCS is a prepaid network associated with T-Mobile. This company offers some of the best no-contract cell phone plans for families in the country. You can get a two-line connection for approximately $80 and four lines for around $140. The four-line plan includes access to unlimited data. This plan lets all four users of the connection stream unlimited music, share content on social media, and watch their favorite content without any hassles.