Mens’ shoes for every occasion

Did you know that the average American will own at least a dozen pairs of shoes during his lifetime? This got us thinking. What are the essential shoes a man would need to cover any situation? After all, we are talking about a lifetime here.

From prom nights to parties to a trip to the office, there’s a shoe for every need. Unfortunately, most men have a favorite pair of shoes which they wear to all occasions. Keep in mind that most people believe that a gentleman can be discerned by the footwear he chooses.

Here are twelve shoes that meets every occasion for all men out there. Stock up fella’s!

Brown longwings: These workhorse shoes are great for everything besides formal meetings and professional gatherings. Get these if you are planning to frequently work in a semi-casual environment. You can use this for an evening out as well.

Toe-cap oxfords: If you need something black, shiny and formal that gets the job done everytime, get a toe-cap oxford.

Dress boots: Dress boots are perfect for a formal function. Pair it with a well tailored suit or tux for maximum effect. Great for prom nights and dinner parties where you need to look your best.

Casual boots: Adventurous days filled with hiking or climbing atop mountains, calls for a pair of casual boots. Make sure the sole is ideal for the trail you choose.

Desert boots: A little more posh than casual sneakers, these boots are rugged, tough and look cool. Use them for a casual, day event.

Plain-Toe derbies: You can wear these shoes if you’re dressing up for a formal party or are going to a professional setting or gathering.

Penny loafers: These shoes are the definition of classiness. Perfect for informal outings, go socks-free for a unique look.

Simple sneakers: Good for literally everything and one of the best for casual use. You can wear this to work (if your office allows it), the gym, the park and more. Comes in white and off-white solid with a minimalist design for simplicity.

Technical sneakers: Best suited for workouts, the gym and running around everyday in general. If you spend a lot of time on the jogging tracks, get this.

Retro sneakers: Funky and classical, what can be better? These babies add style and pizzazz to your attire.

Espadrilles: Well covered sneaker-like shoes that replace sneakers for those warm summer days where you’re in the mood for a change in footwear.

House slippers: Ideal for house needs, unless you like walking barefoot. This one keeps your feet clean. They are better than the super casual flip-flops and add style and classiness.