10 Safety Tips To Remember While Using Power And Hand Tools

Power and hand tools cause a considerable number of emergency visits every year. Among these, a lot of cases are caused due to negligence, i.e., ignoring safety precautions. However, with timely measures and focus, they can be easily evaded. So, whether you are a newbie or an expert, it is critical that you give your safety the highest priority. The following are some of the standard safety rules that you should be mindful of while using power and hand tools.

Power tools
Such equipment is bursting with an immense amount of force. Therefore, to direct its muscle in the best way, you need always to be the one in control. Here are some of the safety tips that you certainly should apply when using power tools.

  • Safety goggles – Due to the intensity of its power, there are good chances that while using speedy power tools like drilling machines or chainsaws, concrete, metal, or wood fragments will keep shooting in various directions. This is hazardous, as a sharp piece can simply jab your eye or dust particles can accumulate in the eye which can cause irritation and inflammation. Therefore, it is advised that you always wear your safety goggles while using power tools.
  • Ear plugs or muffs – Usually, people who are continually working with power tools might be suffering from hearing ailments. Therefore, if you are a going to exposed to the deafening noises, then you must unquestionably consider getting a good pair of earmuffs or earplugs. These will significantly protect your ears from any form of distress.
  • Gloves – Mostly, power tools retain a high amount of heat after use. These are quite capable of causing severe burns to your skin. Therefore, ensure that you rely on gloves made with high-quality materials to detach the scalding hot attachments.
  • Control – Power tools are undoubtedly packed with a high level of strength, so you must control securely. While you are holding such tools, make sure to use both the hands to manage the vibration. Also, take regular breaks to alleviate any strain on your hands or arms.
  • Respirator or dust mask – While using power tools for activities such as grinding, polishing or demolition, a lot of dust and debris is produced. This can cause serious and long-term respiratory issues. Therefore, don a respirator or a dust mask to steer clear of such health scares.
  • Keep away from water – Most power tools are not waterproof. However, they might be water-resistant, but it still doesn’t make them 100% functional in rains or wet areas
  • Inspect the tools – Some multi-purpose power tools might require you to attach and detach specific parts to suit the construction or repair goals. Before you kickstart the machine check that you have thoroughly affixed the part to avoid any accidents.

Hand tools
Working with hand tools can be even more laborious as they solely rely on the skills of the user. However, the good part is that you possess its entire control, but to perform the tasks efficiently and carefully, you must take care of the following safety factors.

  • Safety gear – Like power tools, you need to have appropriate safety gears such as gloves, goggles, hard hats, etc. These will help you evade common accidents such as cuts, abrasions, punctures, eye injuries, bruises, etc.
  • Posture and technique – Make sure that you have a firm grip on the hand tools as well as strong body balance. At the same time, maintain a considerable amount of distance between your body and the tool. If you are repeated using a tool, then figure out the best technique so that you are not hounded with body aches related to muscle strain or bone damage.
  • Store and transfer tools in the right way – Ensure that you always carry your hand tools in a toolbox or belt. Refrain from carrying small sharp tools in your pocket. Likewise, when you are moving the toolbox to an elevated position, only use a hoist and at all costs abstain from lugging it along with you while using the ladder. When tools are at a higher level, make sure that you securely place them so that they don’t fall.